Clara Garcias


Exploring the Unconscious Roots of Leadership

Cultivating Sustainable Leadership with Mindfulness

In the world of leadership, we often underestimate the role our unconscious mind plays. While we give due credit to conscious traits and skills, there’s a hidden dimension of leadership waiting to be explored. This short writing takes an introductory expedition into understanding how our unconscious mind influences leadership qualities and how the practice of mindfulness can be our guide towards building leadership that is sustainable.

Our minds operate in two distinctive modes – the conscious and the unconscious. You could even consider a third – the primitive part of our minds where epigenetics play a big part! But let’s keep it simple and focus on mindful leadership for now.

The conscious mind is what we’re consciously aware of – it’s where our thoughts and rational decisions take shape. On the contrary, the unconscious mind operates quietly in the background, subtly shaping our behavior and perceptions, often without us even realizing it. Much of who we are, especially our core values, are deeply rooted in this hidden part of our minds.

Think of these unconscious traits as dormant seeds of leadership, waiting to sprout. By acknowledging the power of the unconscious mind and incorporating mindfulness, character strengths, and the fundamentals of positive psychology into our leadership journey, we can nurture leadership qualities that not only benefit us but also inspire and elevate those we lead.

As we venture into this unexplored territory, we tap into the transformative language of the unconscious mind, unlocking our authentic leadership potential.

Nurturing these hidden leadership traits takes various forms. In our “Strengths for Flourish” program, a comprehensive eight-week journey designed for groups and organizations, mindfulness acts as the bridge connecting our conscious and unconscious realms. It’s how we access these hidden superpowers – the unconscious seeds of leadership. If you’re curious and ready to embark on this journey with us, we’ll explore deeper into understanding these mental languages understanding how to influence them both for them to coexist and continue exploring the hidden gems of leadership within our minds, and unveiling the leaders we were meant to be!

Now, if you were to guess what these concealed leadership traits might look like, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s your intuition, your ability to empathize, your resilience in the face of challenges, or your ability for adapting to new situations. We invite you to join in a lively group discussion during our upcoming Lunch & Learn session on November 17th, 2023, to dive even deeper into these ideas and insights.

So, let’s embark on this voyage of discovery together, exploring the hidden gems of leadership within our minds, and unveiling the leaders we were meant to be.

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