Strengths to Flourish

Strengths to Flourish include tools, concepts, latest research in character strengths, mindfulness & positive psychology coaching to enhance the coaching practice.

Programme Overview

This programme brings together the latest science of mindfulness and character strengths into an active learning experience over 8 weeks.

Underpinned by cutting-edge research and practical, creative Zen practice, this is a space of exploration, wellbeing and clarity.

Programme Content

Strengths to Flourish includes:

  • 2 hour session x 8 weeks
  • Half-day integration practice retreat with deep relaxation
  • Weekly resources and guided practices to support
  • Post-course monthly community gatherings to sustain your practice

Active Learning Approach

You’ll apply research-backed methods to develop sustainable wellbeing and performance in an active learning environment, including:

  • Teachings on foundational character strengths practice, positive neuroplasticity and self-leadership
  • Recognising and exploring your character strengths
  • Guided mindfulness and heartfulness practices
  • Strategies for facing obstacles and challenges
  • Reflections and conversational exercises in breakout groups
  • Strengthening your ability to focus and to be a good guardian of your mindset
  • Resources for maintaining your personal practice

Proven Program Benefits

Research shows that the key proven positive results of this course include:

  • Helps people tap into work-related strengths
  • Develops sustainable wellbeing, health and performance
  • Increase in job satisfaction (as judged by course participant) and in task performance (as assessed by their line manager)
  • Increased ability to recognise and deliberately grow character strengths
  • Solution-focus with a positive reframing of challenging experiences and emotions
  • Reduction in isolation and loneliness
  • Increase in engagement, accomplishment and sense of meaning in life
  • Substantial increase in positive emotions and relationships
  • Increased self-awareness and ability to self-lead
  • Increased self-acceptance and environment mastery
  • Increases the ability to manage stress, conflicts, and other types of adversity/problems
  • Improuves student academic results and retention

Who is it for?

Strengths to Flourish is for those who want to train in practical ways to live with more clarity and freedom and less anxiety and anger. The core competencies developed during this course are valuable for everyone, but particularly for leaders, managers, coaches and educators.

No previous experience with mindfulness and character strengths work is required.

Bespoke courses for groups are available on request – please contact us to talk about your needs.

The roots of Strengths to Flourish

Strengths to Flourish is founded on the Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) programme developed by Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, Educational Director of the VIA Institute on Character. This ground-breaking programme has been delivered across the globe in more than fifty countries since 2014 with proven positive evidence-based results, including strengthening all key components required for a sense of wellbeing, including self-acceptance, positive relations with others, environmental mastery, and positive affect.

Several scientific studies show that this programme produces better outcomes head-to-head than the world’s leading mindfulness program managing stress, conflicts, and other types of adversity/problems. It is the first positive-oriented mindfulness-based programme and the only one to target character strengths cultivation.

This is not a static program. The focus is on always advancing it to infuse the latest science. In addition, adaptations for self-leadership, teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence, leadership, conflict resolution, among others, are currently being developed.

Upcoming Courses

Strengths to Flourish is offered regularly. Check our Calendar of Events for the next dates.

Want to sample? Join us in our taster sessions. Dates and registration are available for each programme.

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