The Flourishing Circle has launched!

A unique partnership for transformational change

We are delighted to announce the creation of a new partnership of mindfulness and character strengths experts. 

The Flourishing Circle helps people and organizations to thrive and generate positive transformational change. We blend the latest science in mindfulness and strengths with practical, experiential learning, curated with creativity and skill. Our offering includes foundational courses, workshops and masterclasses. We place a strong emphasis on sustainability, with a suite of community drop-in events to connect together, deepen our learning and keep our practice thriving. 

Who’s behind the curtain? Our team brings decades of expertise in strengths-based practice as a foundation for living and working well. In the months ahead, you’ll get to know me and my two co-managing partners, from our top mindfulness practice to our favourite research findings. For now, I asked us to pick the top strength that we used in bringing The Flourishing Circle into being! Here’s what we said:

Orlaith O’Sullivan, BA, PhD (that’s me!), specializes in practical mindfulness solutions and building happier communities.

“I think for me, the top strength I used was the strength of perspective. The three of us share this great vision of helping individuals and organisations to transform, to see themselves more clearly, to live with more freedom and less suffering. When I focused on that, I found this very natural source of energy. It kept me going in moments of juggling deadlines!”  

Jaume Gallifa, MBA, ACC, is a Self-leadership Lecturer and a Professional Coach who specializes in transformational change and flourishing. 

“The top strength I have used is social intelligence. Our team is based in several countries and we’ve had many parallel projects to manage – sometimes with competing deadlines! Social intelligence keeps me aware of people’s motives, needs and feelings – and it helped keep the whole project on track.”

Lutz Hempel, MBA, is a leadership consultant who helps people and organizations become more conscious, whole, naturally agile and resonant.

“My top strength for co-creating The Flourishing Circle…  was creativity! With The Flourishing Circle we’ve really developed something new, imagining a powerful and sustainable way to support both leaders and organisations. Creativity has helped me to be innovative and agile, to problem-solve – and to dream big!”

Over the next months The Flourishing Circle is hosting a retreat (blended online & in-person in the Swiss Alps), opening their new Strengths to Flourish foundation course – and launching two lunchtime series. It’s an exciting time and we hope you can join us on the journey! 

You can connect with us on LinkedIn and stay up to date with upcoming events via our newsletter.

Orlaith O’Sullivan, BA, PhD, Managing Partner, specializes in practical mindfulness solutions and building happier communities –